My Stuff

This is my basic set up. It's as easy as can be. I carry black Uniball pens, A little watercolor set, a napkin, some waterbrushes, Prisma colored pencils in a pencil case and a pencil sharpener. I sit on a tiny folding stool I found in a sporting goods store in Seoul, Korea.

The Mighty Pen

The one and only pen that I use: The Uniball Vision Fine. Get it in any art store.

Watercolors & Waterbrushes

I use a tiny little Windsor Newton Watercolor set and various size waterbrushes. Then I use a regular old paper towel to clean the brush with. Sometimes I use a Schmincke watercolor set too.

Prisma Colored Pencils

I always carry a bunch of Prisma colored pencils with me.

My Office Supplies

I keep a minimum amount of art supplies in my office to draw with.

My Old Supplies

This is the stuff I used when I first started drawing. This was before I had it all figured out.

The Unheralded Art Supplies

One of my most overlooked supplies is the old sunscreen and bug spray. Spend a few hours drawing on the street and you will know what I am talking about.